Bruning, Keith


Warning letter

This gun dealer was cited for 4 violations. The inspection resulted in a warning letter.

A warning letter is the least severe action the ATF can take against a licensee with compliance issues. The letter advises the licensee to comply with regulations.


1015 N Colorado
Ellsworth, KS 67439
Ellsworth County


Number 5-48-053-01-7C-13899
Type Dealer in firearms
Expiry Mar 1, 2023

Inspection Timeline

Compliance inspections are conducted by one or more ATF officers. After the lead investigator submits a recommendation, one or more ATF supervisors will review the inspection and either concur with or adjust the recommendation.

This page contains information about a single inspection conducted between 2015 and 2017. The ATF may have inspected this licensee before and/or after the inspection detailed here.

Officers spent a total of 19 hours conducting this inspection. 26 days passed between the assignment and the final review. The licensee received a final outcome of warning letter.

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Mar 31, 2016
Inspection assigned

DE Compliance. Not seen since 2010

Apr 14, 2016
Officer's recommendation Submitted by Industry Operations Investigator
Warning letter

All the violations cited meet the requirements for a Warning Letter to be issued per the current Firearms Adverse Action Policy - Sections 6c(4); 6c(6); 6c(7) and 6c(9).

Apr 26, 2016
Final review Signed by Area Supervisor
Warning letter
Apr 27, 2016
Warning letter sent


If an inspection uncovers regulatory violations, the licensee receives a report outlining these violations. This section lists the violations found in the inspection, as well as a general description of each offense. More details on the nature of the licensee's specific violations may be found in the report PDF.

This licensee was cited for 4 violations.

1 478.99(c) Sale or transfer of a firearm to a prohibited person. πŸ”—
2 478.102(a) Failure to conduct or complete a NICS check before transferring a firearm. πŸ”—
3 478.124(c)(3)(i) Failure to obtain identification from a transferee or document it on Form 4473. πŸ”—
4 478.126a Failure to report the sale of two or more pistols or revolvers to an individual during five consecutive business days. πŸ”—

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