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Sun Devil MFG

Settlement Revocation warranted

This gun manufacturer was cited for 2 violations. The inspection resulted in a settlement.

When a licensee is found to have committed violations that meet the threshold for revocation, an ATF director of industry operations can negotiate a settlement instead, such as a temporary suspension or a fine.

The licensee was found eligible for revocation. The majority of licensees whose violations merit revocation under ATF guidelines ultimately receive a lesser penalty from an ATF director of industry operations.


663 W. 2nd Ave. Ste. #16
Mesa, AZ 85210
Maricopa County


Number 9-86-013-07-8E-02020
Type Manufacturer of firearms
Expiry May 1, 2021

Inspection Timeline

Compliance inspections are conducted by one or more ATF officers. After the lead investigator submits a recommendation, one or more ATF supervisors will review the inspection and either concur with or adjust the recommendation.

This page contains information about a single inspection conducted between 2015 and 2017. The ATF may have inspected this licensee before and/or after the inspection detailed here.

Officers spent a total of 70 hours conducting this inspection. 303 days passed between the assignment and the final review. The licensee received a final outcome of settlement.

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Oct 6, 2015
Inspection assigned
Jul 11, 2016
Officer's recommendation Submitted by Industry Operations Investigator
Revocation/denial of renewal
Jun 23, 2016
Review Signed by Area Supervisor
Revocation/denial of renewal
Aug 4, 2016
Final review Signed by MSMITCHEM – Director, Industry Operations


If an inspection uncovers regulatory violations, the licensee receives a report outlining these violations. This section lists the violations found in the inspection, as well as a general description of each offense. More details on the nature of the licensee's specific violations may be found in the report PDF.

This licensee was cited for 2 violations.

1 478.123(a) Failure by a manufacturer to maintain an accurate record of firearms manufactured or acquired. 🔗
2 478.123(b) Failure by a manufacturer to maintain an accurate record of dispositions to other licensees. 🔗

Source: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. About the data »